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Tattooed men

There are a lot of people all over the world, who had overcome their fears and made peculiar examples of tattoo art for themselves. So, we look for those pictures of a real people, who are not connected to the model business and put them together in this category.

It’s even hard to say what common feature of all those tattoos is. There are different kinds of tattoos, such as tattoos on a shoulder, different masculine skulls and other traditional stuff. Also, you can find great full body tattoo ideas, weird cartoon characters and abstract notions engraved in men’s skin. The only thing which is clear is that they love tattoo art and make real the most insane tattoo ideas.

Most of the pictures in this category are taken from social network profiles and tattoo public pages. However, there are also examples of great cooperation of tattoo artist, model and photographer, which as a result gave birth to really good pictures of highest quality.