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Rib tattoo is a rather new phenomenon through all the history of body art if we may say so. Ancient tribes members liked to make different marks on faces, shoulders, arms, but the side of the body used to remain undecorated. It is acknowledged that the first one to make a rib tattoo were women. And to argue with this theory is rather had as it was a long time ago. We can just make some conclusion by the way it is now, as mainly girls choose this part of their body to be inked. But why are they so fond of this spot?
In a traditional approach, rib tattoo is nearly an ideal placement in all means. First of all, this area is quite big, that is why the rib tattoo ideas can also be big.

Any animalistic image, portrait, ornament, lettering, flowers or stars can fit here and look incredibly beautiful. This is the placement for the most part of 3D tattoos, biomechanicals etc. This are is concealed with clothes what is very convenient from the practical point of view. But while the process of tattoo making on any part of the torso is not very painful due to not so many nerves, a lot of muscles and a layer of fat will make all unpleasant feelings acceptable, but not for rib tattoos

To make a rib tattoo, you will have to suffer a real hell. And the artist has to be really patient to make his work on a high level. There are almost no muscles or fat.
Moreover, this zone is very sensitive, so rib tattoo is considered to be a choice of a really devoted fans of the art. During the session, you will feel the tiniest millimeter of your future tattoo. Of course, there are several ways to seize the pain, but people usually refuse to use them, following the mystical ritual of tattooing.

Any kind of rib tattoo design will look great on your body whether it is a lettering or some really astonishing 3D artwork. And, finally, you will definitely love your rib tattoo, taking into consideration the challenge of time and pain you had to go through to make it.