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Stomach tattoos

Stomach, chest and back are the biggest parts of the body, a huge tattoo can fit on these areas. However, even though stomach tattoos look amazing especially on girl’s body, there are several disadvantages of this placement.

First of all, a stomach is a place where the layer of fat grows fastly with age and it is almost impossible to deal with that, as it is a natural process. And of course, a tattoo will change its shape and can probably look awful. This is typical for men and women with no exceptions.

However, this process will not influence so hard if some hieroglyph, ornament or even lettering is chosen for a stomach tattoo design. But in the case you make a big detailed tattoo, the effect can be devastating for such tattoo idea. Also, girls shouldn’t forget about the pregnancy period, which, as a rule, leads to losing body shape.
Also, stomach tattoo is a very painful procedure. The skin in this area is very sensitive, that is why the decision to make a tattoo there is only for strong and brave people. There are several painkillers, but tattoo artists as their clients usually refuse to use them.

From the point of view of a practical usage of stomach tattoos, they often serve to cover up scars and other defects.