Cool Skull Tattoo Designs

Cool Skull Tattoo Designs

People has always been weird in choosing thei tattoo designs. You know, skulls seem to be very evil thing, as they are dead obviously. In china, for example, any thing somehow related to this image is strictly forbidden, these are images of bones, skeletons, fleshless jaws etc and skulls themselves. This is traditional understanding of the image, but it has nothing to do with tattoo lovers, hwo seems to be having some really warm feelings towards this image and see nothing bad here. That’s why skull tattoo designs are nearly the most popular ideas performed in all possible styles, colors, sizes and shapes, here are some of the freshest skull tattoo designs.

animalistic crystal skull tattoo drawing

by Felipe Rodrigues

pencil drawn skull tattoo sketch

by Ael Lim

paper ship inside a skull design

by Michal Justynski

Vans 50 anniversary tattoo design

by Korpus Domini

two skulls with horns and mirror

by Martin en Natascha Sastra

two watercolor flows skulls

by Skin Graffix

trash polka skull tattoo with raven

by Michi Tattoo

black and red skull tattoo idea

by Michal Justynski

grey smoke skull tattoo design

by Palilaszlo

tattoo design of skull in black helmet

by Bradley Trotter

skull in cap tattoo design

by Micro Frankenstein

yellow skull tattoo idea

by R’N’R Warszawa

soft smoke skull tattooidea

by Al. Tarpietto

skull tattoo with rose

by Razeoner

big skull tattoo town

by Dynoz Art Attack

chysanthemum skull tattoo idea

by Sergey Anuchin

old man skull tattoo design

by Andrea Morales

etching skull tattoo design

by David Mushaney

bkack and grey tattoo ideas with ink stains

by Ciaran

native american cheif's skull tattoo sketch

by Derek Turcotte

vague skull tattoo design

by Mikey Carrasco

flowers inside skull's mouth tattoo design

by Martynas Snioka

skull in chrysanthemum tattoo idea

by Ruben Tattooben

awesome black and grey skull tattoo design

by Luke Sayer

asian demonic skull tattoo idea

by Konrad ibn Kondrat

cancer inside skull tattoo idea

by Eternal Ink Tattoo

dark black and red tattoo design

by Michal Justynski

Accordion Skull Tattoo Design